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So I went on a bit of a rant on Twitter earlier.

If you’re no longer making money at cons, either stop going or refocus. It’s not other peoples’ fault that your business model no longer caters to them.

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ma’am im sorry but that baby was due today, i don’t care if its not done just turn in what you have

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I’ve been looking out a window for eighteen years, dreaming about what it might feel like when those lights rise in the sky. What if it’s not everything that I dreamed it would be?

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"Monosexism and biphobia aren’t real"

just some things i saw on fb tonight followed up by some fact checking. 

Ugh heteros pleeeeaasse

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psychic? More like…PSY’S CHICK! lms if u have a crush on psy or if you gangnam smiled (:

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so are we gonna discuss how fucked up it is that women have to wear makeup to be taken seriously at work and job interviews but if a woman has a genuine interest in and enjoyment of cosmetics she is written off as shallow, vain, and stupid, and consequently not taken seriously

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Why :) Is :) Band :) So :) Fucking :) Expensive :) :) :)

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…an ode to 1970s skater girls. 

this is amazing

Why aren’t there more photos of these kickass girls?!

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